Waste Control and Management

The amount of domestic, commercial and industrial waste being produced is increasing on a daily basis. Along with the ever-tightening regulations and legislations regarding its handling or disposal, the need for professionally controlled and administered waste management solutions has become essential.

At Clearground we can assist, manage and deliver at every level within the process. Clearground can facilitate you in sending zero waste to landfill, lowering your carbon footprint and increasing your green credentials! We can be your single point of contact for all your waste management needs.

Effective waste management systems are essential in achieving and maintaining the ISO14001 accreditation, which we are proud to say we have held since 2008. Clearground can create, deliver and maintain an individual waste management plan that offers both environmental and cost saving benefits. A carefully considered waste management program will also help reduce pollution, landfill issues, contamination and lower your entire carbon footprint.

In addition to our complete waste control and management packages, we also offer a variety of bespoke waste control services that include:

  • Internal and external waste and recycling bins
  • Food Bins
  • Waste compactors
  • Glass crushers
  • Fly tipping removal
  • regular site litter picking
  • Void property cleaning

We pride ourselves on our versatility, experience and scope of works that we undertake for our portfolio of clients within this field of operation. Most, if not all companies require some form of waste control and management but each differ, dependant on their needs or location, so to be certain yours is handled legally and professionally please contact a member of our sales team, who will contact you to discuss further.