Case Study: NHS PCT Trust North West



Case Study-NHS PCT Trust North West

NHS Primary Care Trust have been a customer of Clearground for many years using the majority of our services on a adhoc basis in a reactionary form to emergency drainage issues.


The Challenge.

As of April 2013 there were major changes in the structure of the NHS , as such we were approached by the trust to be considered for larger scale planned maintenance works.

The requirements were to carry out CCTV and cleaning works to below ground drainage systems, identify defects, provide up to date site drawings, and where required make recommendations for repairs.

Once our proposals had been accepted by our client contact, all sites were visited to ensure any issues with access, times of working (majority of sites were occupied by staff and patients), and allocate staffing levels to ensure works were carried out safely.

A time scale was set by client, with any further costs to be provided before the end of the financial year, including allowing for the asset transfer of buildings into the new company format.


The works involved mapping the drainage system, plotting manholes and desilting the drainage by either Tanker Jetter or Van Jetting unit (dependant on access available). Once each section of drains was cleaned,  a CCTV survey was carried out, with all details of the drain recorded and stored on the CCTV memory unit.

Once the survey was completed, all the compiled information would be returned  to office for the CCTV report to be updated onto the master system, along with producing a Wincam report which is an industry standard format. The report identifies pipe size, length, flow direction, duty carried, classification of any defects with a number rating for severity of defects if evident, this is based on 0-5 grading with 5 being a major defect. All reports have a 5 (working) day turnaround, and we aim to have the reports returned to the client within one week.

Any additional works identified from the CCTV report were highlighted in a quotation, and forwarded to our client to allow any end of year budgeting  to be approved.


The first stage of works were completed within two weeks to the all sites, and all reports were compiled and forwarded to client.

Due to the importance of the asset transfer, urgent remedial works were  approved within a few days of client reading the report.

The remedial works consisted of excavation, structural relining, root cutting and new manhole installation. These were carried out to the satisfaction of the client, within the agreed time frame and budget.