Meet The Team

ou know our name and our reputation, but you should also know the dedicated people who make up our team, and what makes them tick.

After all…. behind every great company is a ” hard working, thoroughly nice, group of people, “…….well, that’s what they told me to say?


Phil Piercy - Clearground


Phil Piercy 

Role – The Boss

Likes – concerts, music festivals, oh and chocolate

Dislikes – dishonest people, and wannabe famous people (X-factor contestants/judges)

Who is your Idol –  All Para Olympians, they are super human!

Interesting Fact – I keep honey bees and am learning to play the banjo




Adrian Green - Clearground


Adrian Green 

Role – Service Manager

Likes – Watching the mighty Toffees, spending time with my family.

Dislikes – Gardening especially cutting the hedge.

Who is your Idol – Horatio Nelson

Interesting Fact -Loves Football, Football and a bit more Football, also apparently I am a (bit) sarcastic.




Claire Piercy - Clearground

Claire Piercy

Role – Administration Manager

Likes – Running on the beach in the rain

Dislikes – Litter bugs

Idol – My Mum

Interesting Facts – I can play the violin, have my Class 2 License and love cheese and banana sandwiches.




Jane Vickers - Clearground


Jane Vickers

Role – Service Coordinator and provider of answers to such things as “Do you remember that job we did 5 years ago where eggs had been thrown at the windows” or “where are the pens/SD cards/spare teabags?”

Likes – Cups of tea and customer relations

Dislikes – No tea and unhappy customers

Who is your Idol(s) – My kids

Interesting Fact – Enjoys wine, running and trudging up big mountains! Little known fact, I am a Manc who loves Liverpool.



Stephanie Neil - Clearground


Stephanie Neil (Steph)

Role – Accounts Assistant

Likes – Zumba, watching back to back TV series’ and Pinacoladas

Dislikes – Money supermarket adverts and spiders

Hobbies – Crosswords, arts & crafts and eating out

Interesting Fact – I take pride in the fact that I have never had a “cheeky” Nandos and plan to hold my record.




clearground logo

Mike Box 

Occupation Role – Drainage Operations Manager

Likes – Getting the job done

Dislikes – Not getting the job done, and ancient Roman history

Who Is Your Idol – Titus Flavius Vespasian



Connor Brown - Clearground

Connor Brown

Role – Service Administrator

Likes – Football, food and socialising.

Dislikes – Exercising

Interesting Fact – Even though I’m tall at 6ft 6″ I don’t even make average height to be a NBA basketball player – the average height of a NBA basketball player is 6ft 7″.





Clint Langan

Role – Business Development

Likes – Holidays in the sun

Dislikes – Baked Beans

Interesting Fact – I once did a parachute jump to try and cure my fear of heights. … didn’t work!!






Our Technicians

We have a team of technicians out and about across the North West and beyond carrying out our services to a high standard.