About Us

Clearground Ltd established in 2003 and still providing quality services.

We started life as a drainage company offering a limited but professional range of services, but realised quickly that our equipment had alternative uses. Graffiti removal, pressure washing, surface cleaning, chewing gum removal to name a few, little did we know that this was the start of a lateral thinking philosophy that we still adhere to today.

In 2005 following a conversation with an existing valued client we realised we could put the ‘professional’ into professional window cleaning and invested heavily in cleaning and access systems to undertake this type of work. We could now offer our clients the service, reliability and administration they were entitled to and from there the rest is history. Year on year we have continued to review our products and services and to grow our customer base and portfolio, never once forgetting our core values of only undertaking and offering a new service or product if we can do it safely, cost effectively and to our own demanding high standards of quality. We have developed a highly skilled and competent administration, operational and management team that thrive on the challenges of a modern ever changing service provider.

We believe that listening to our clients and customers and discussing their needs is a key factor that has enabled us to develop the full range of services that we proudly offer today. As we continue to develop along with our customers’ requirements we will always have a ‘can do’ approach to business and service development.